YouTube Video Ideas To Get More Views 2022 Tip

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Check YouTube video ideas to get more views

If you’re looking to grow your YouTube channel or start from scratch, you probably already know that the #1 secret to YouTube success is perseverance. You need to create videos for YouTube on a regular basis in order to present them to a relevant audience and get the desired results. But we both know that’s a lot easier said than done because it begs the eternal question: what are we making videos about? So we’ve put together this comprehensive list, where we’ve covered some of the best ideas in each category.

Not only that, but at the end, we also share the exact steps you can take to generate new YouTube video ideas in your niche. You can use the links below to jump to a category of your choice or simply continue reading. The best part? If you like an idea you see here, we’ve made it super easy for you to turn it into an awesome video. Simply search for your niche in our search bar and get started with a model you like.

First YouTube vlog ideas

Draw my life

It’s a pretty popular video idea. Make sure to add your own style to your Draw My Life video to make it stand out from the rest. Say you know how to clap. Maybe you can animate your life instead of just drawing it.

Room visit

If you’re recording from your bedroom, why not show your future audience what your “studio” looks like? It’s a good way to make your identity known to your new subscribers. Nothing is more personal than your own bedroom.

talk about your gadgets

Are you a technician? Do you have a lot of stuff you don’t even need? Or do you have so many gadgets that you couldn’t live a single day without? talk about them

Sibling Identification Video

Ask your siblings questions and let them answer you to see how well they know each other. It’s a good idea for your first video, because it’s a chance to be featured by one of those people you should know well.

beauty youtube channel ideas

Bachelorette Gift Ideas

If you’re preparing for a bachelorette party, you can give people some great gift ideas. If you just had your own bachelorette party, show them the gifts you have!

healthy breakfast videos

A beautiful appearance also requires a healthy lifestyle. Creating a healthy breakfast guide can add a lot of valuable content to your beauty channel.

Celebrity Makeover from a Fashion Figure

People look up to celebrities. Many of them like to imitate them. Dressing up a hip person as a celebrity is a great way to attract viewers.

Final Words: YouTube Video Ideas to Get More Views

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