Understand social media crypto rules and how to earn business organically

In June 2021, Kim Kardashian got into trouble after promoting crypto on Instagram. The influential celebrity shared the Ethereum Max project with his over 250 million Instagram followers. Under new ASIC rules, FX brands must hold their influencers accountable for the information they post. Pay attention to this if you choose to work with an influencer.

Advertising cryptocurrency on Twitter

Twitter is another popular social media network with over 300 million monthly active users. Twitter prohibits any form of financial speculation to promote or generate interest in stocks and shares. However, you may promote cryptocurrency products or services with prior permission from Twitter.

We love Twitter for following crypto and financial influencers. They can keep you informed of the latest news and possibly consider collaborations. Our list of the top 20 finance influencers in the United States has just been published here.

What are organic content marketing solutions?

When it comes to crypto marketing, PR is expensive. It can cost brands up to 20,000 for a single crypto coin. Paid social media and Google AdWords also face licensing and bureaucracy issues. So how can we get so much traction for our financial and crypto clients organically?

Focus on SEO content

When it comes to organic marketing, having a solid SEO strategy is an absolute must. Optimized content is the key to getting noticed online. Of course, you need to show Google your relevance by strategically incorporating common keywords in URLs, titles, content headers, and in the body of your articles. But it’s worth looking for niche and long-tail keywords that answer specific user questions.

According to Google, the word Dogecoin was number four on Google’s search results in 2021, behind only Afghanistan, Action AMC and vaccine against covid. Competitive keywords are expensive on a PPC level. And organically, they also shed a lot. This is where a long-tail keyword strategy comes in. These may get fewer searches per month, but they tend to convert better because they answer detailed search queries.

Another great way to market your crypto brand organically is to aim for a spot in the Featured Snippets section of a Google search results page. Known as Position 0, these snippets appear above all other organic search results and get around 8% of all clicks. 40.7% of all voice search answers also come from a snippet, so this is a SERP spot your brand should try to fill.

Get inspired by Reddit

The Reddit community is a place where questions are asked, mysteries are solved, and communities are forged to bring about real change. Video game retailer GameStop’s stock has risen significantly due to user actions on the WallStreetBets subreddit. And there are also many communities obsessed with cryptocurrencies.

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