TikTok introduces users to ways to recognize ideas from other authors

Give credit where credit is due. At least that’s what TikTok is trying to establish as a trend among its content creators. in a new blog post, the social media platform has announced that it is now introducing ways for content creators to tag, mention and credit a video in their description. With these new tools, TikTokers can attribute their inspiration to the original source, letting their followers know who is behind creating the latest trend. The social media platform will be rolling out these new features to more people over the next few weeks, so don’t worry if you don’t see credit options yet. However, when you receive the update after creating or editing a video on TikTok, you will see a new “video” icon on the clip’s post page.

When you tap the new button, you’ll be able to select a video that you’ve liked, favorited, posted, or sounds the same as your clip. When you choose it, the tag will appear as a mention in the caption. The tagged author will then receive a notification in their inbox in the TikTok app, letting them know you’ve given proper credit.

TikTok doesn’t stop there. The social media platform has announced that it will include more prompts and an educational pop-up explaining the importance of crediting throughout the posting process to encourage users to recognize the original creators of the idea featured in their video. In its attempt to encourage TikTokers to recognize original work, TikTok also added a “Credit the creatorsin its Creator Portal. There, users can see best practices for crediting original authors, learn about different ways to give attribution, and see how to find a trend’s true founder.

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