The tracking tool that monitors the effectiveness of your guest blogging campaign

Trying to keep track of backlinks is one of the most miserable parts of being a guest blogger. Relying on the blog owner not to remove, modify or cancel backlinks in posts and bylines, you often have a recourse if something goes wrong. This is not due to malicious intentions on the part of the blog owner, but simply because you may not realize that a change has happened, and sometimes they won’t either. .

In recent years, a number of programs have been created to deal with this problem. Usually expensive and complicated, guest bloggers who are limited in their technical knowledge may be reluctant to use them. Especially considering the emphasis on SEO which is heavy on most apps. They just aren’t made for writers.


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The first tracker focused on bloggers

TO we have tried to fix this problem. We offer the first blog-centric link tracking called MBG Tracker. Created with bloggers as the main focus, it is very basic and easy to use.


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The fundamental priorities with this tracker are:

  • Monitor guest posts for deletion or changes, for example:
    • To monitor the expiration of the domain where your work is hosted.
    • Look for SEO backlink plugins that have been adopted on blogs and that have broken your signature and post backlinks.
  • Monitor traffic, likes and tweets.

How it works

You open the program and create a new project. This will allow you to specify parameters using a base URL, which will be monitored. This makes it easier to collect various articles under a single URL, instead of opening endless projects at a time.

Once the projects are created, you will be able to add the URLs of your guest posts. The tool will automatically retrieve the details of each page (like the article title and your link details):

Tracking links with MyBlogGuest Tracker

If something is wrong with any of your posts or guest links, you will receive an email alert (when there are changes you need to be aware of). Once alerted, you can act accordingly. For example, if a domain has expired due to a website abandonment, you can move your work elsewhere. If someone chooses to remove a post, you can contact the blog owner to tell them that you will be delivering the post to another website.


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From the app itself, you can watch tweets, Facebook likes, and overall traffic. It’s a quick way to see the impact of specific posts. For example, you can easily identify the guest post that sent you the most traffic (and to post there again):

Track guest post traffic MyBlogGuest Tracker

Or find guest posts that have had the biggest draw on social media:

The tracking tool that monitors the effectiveness of your guest blogging campaignFollow shares on social networks

The future of the MBG tracker

You might be surprised at how simple these features are. There are no frills of SEO tools included other than basic traffic monitoring. For most guest bloggers, this will be a sufficient amount of functionality. Especially considering the low price, which only serves to cover development costs.


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But new features are on the way, including a customizable .PDF exporter, guest post widget, traffic history, and more.

If you want to give it a try, you can create your trial account here: MyBlogGuest Tracker

Disclaimer: The tool is mine. This opinion is biased but absolutely free.

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