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If you like a property margarita idea, you’re not alone. It’s a solid option for any cocktail hour, and with all the colors, additions, and salt rims to choose from, there’s something for everyone! Whether you are looking for a new easy recipe or for a canned marg to take your summer picnicskeep scrolling for some marg inspired to celebrate Margarita Monday any day of the week.

Canned Margaritas

Cutwater Lime Margarita ($13 for 4 Cans)

Lime is a classic margarita flavor, and this drink will make you feel like summer all year round. The tequila has agave nectar for a sweet contrast to the drink’s bite and citrus flavors.

Thomas Ashbourne's Margalicious Margarita

Thomas Ashbourne’s Margalicious Margarita ($60 for 8 cans)

This gluten-free and kosher margarita, created by Ashley Benson, Rosario Dawson and Vanessa Hudgens, is a great option for everyone. In addition to the brand being owned by a woman, Benson loves the flavors. “I can’t even drink a can because it’s gone by the time I go to the fridge to get one.”

“I mean, having cocktails with other women is like my favorite thing,” Hudgens says. “It’s the thing I always look forward to the most, so why not put our business hats together.”

“This drink is a very social drink,” says Dawson. “We are women who really love our friends, our families, and who come together and create beautiful memories.”

Sounds like the perfect drink to us!

Five Drinks Co. Canned Margarita

Five Drinks Co. Canned Margarita ($12 for 4 cans)

One of our all-time favorite canned margaritas, this drink features 24-hour infused hibiscus and agave nectar infused with habanero peppers (!!). It’s a great option for anyone looking for sweet, tangy, and spicy, all in one.

TRULY Hard Seltzer Classic Lime Margarita

TRULY Hard Seltzer Classic Lime Margarita ($12 for 6 cans)

Get your marg fix with a little extra fizz with this fizzy (and gluten-free) drink. Key to the delicious flavor is the trio of lime juice, agave and sea salt.

Unique Margarita Recipes

Galactic Margarita Recipe Summer Margarita Ideas

Galactic Margarita Recipe

If there’s a proven way to make something better, just add glitter. This margarita uses blue and purple sanding sugars for the rim and a little blue curacao for extra color. We’ll take two, please. (Going through British + Co)

Black Cherry Margarita Recipe

Picture via Salt & Lavender

Black Cherry Margarita Recipe

When you think of margaritas, you probably think of bright, airy colors that fit that “lounging by the pool” vibe we always go for. This recipe uses black cherry juice to replace that with another type of marg that still tastes amazing. (Going through Salt & Lavender)

Avocado Margaritas

Avocado Margaritas

It’s safe to assume we’re still eating avocados, which means this drink is exactly the kind of margarita upgrade we’re looking for. Orange zest, cilantro and lime wedges are just the salt on top. (Going through British + Co)

Swaps for your Margarita

marg swaps a watermelon drink Summer Margarita Ideas

Limes for oranges

Oranges still have that same citrusy tartness we already love in a margarita, but it will add a little extra sweetness. You can swap out entirely or just leave out the limes for a two-in-one flavor!

Salt for sugar (or even candy)

Although salt is the most popular edge for margaritas, you don’t have to stick with it forever! Sugar works especially well if you’re making a very sweet drink, but you can also roll your drink in your favorite crushed candies.

tequila for rum

While tequila comes from the Blue Agave plant, rum is made from sugar cane. They are both sweet, but since the rum has a bit more spiciness, it adds a definite edge to any drink recipe.

Take your margarita and eat it too

u200bStrawberry Margarita Zipzicles

Strawberry Margarita Zipzicles

As if we couldn’t love summer margaritas even more than we already do… This popsicle recipe is an easy and delicious way to cool off on a hot day. If you’re making these for a party, just be sure to put them in the freezer soon enough. (Going through British + Co)

Margarita Pie Summer Margarita Ideas

Daisy tart

If you prefer to eat your marg with a fork, try this creamy pie recipe! It will take you about an hour to do, which is the perfect amount of time to catch up on your favorite. Netflix show. (Going through British + Co)

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