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From ten-minute TikToks to Pinterest’s new initiative to support women-owned businesses, here’s everything you need to know about the world of social media this week.

TikTok presents ten-minute videos

Did we need it? Not really. Will we use it? Absoutely.

The video editing platform is set to introduce an option for users to share ten minutes videos to the app. That’s good news if you’re Taylor Swift and looking to share your highly anticipated ten-minute break-up ballad with an audience of avid fans, but perhaps less good news for the compulsive scroller community – my productivity doesn’t just can’t stand being sucked into a ten minute clip without warning.

Believe it or not, according to Social Media Today, TikTok’s decision to implement these longer forms of video content on the platform could be an indicator that TikTok is trying to establish itself as a video platform among the likes. from YouTube. They’ve already beaten Instagram and Facebook for the most successful social platform slot – why not corner the entire video content market too?

Pinterest pledges to support women-owned small businesses

Timely effort to support women-owned small businesses is latest to launch as part of Pinterest pinterest student initiative, which was founded to embody “Pinterest’s core initiative to create a platform that creates a sense of place.”

Just in time for Women’s History Month, the platform announced that it would provide ten women-owned small businesses with financial support (up to $100,000) as well as strategic support. Each participant will receive advertising credits on Pinterest, as well as a personal business coach and platform-specific training, such as how to tell the best story possible with your audience analytics and best practices for SEO traffic.

Finally – Instagram launches automated captions for feed videos

Automated captions for Instagram feed are long overdue. While users have been able to include automatic captions on their reels and stories for a while, stream videos have been, for some reason, the most difficult.

Adding captions to stream videos means a delightful increase in accessibility for users in deaf and hard of hearing communities. These automatic captions are now the default when posting videos to Feed, no doubt an effort to maximize the reach, usability, and effectiveness of this long-awaited update. Woohoo!

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