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This is the first Social Climber of 2022!

We’re back with the scoop on the latest social media updates from platforms you know and love (or need to know and love to hate.)

This week we are going to deepen Twitter’s next topic bar feature, that if you’re like me and can’t stop refreshing your Twitter feed, you’ll enjoy it 100%. We’ll also take a look at the introduction of TikTok’s live intros, an effort to drive engagement and viewers to user lives, and Instagram’s new embeddable profile previews. Let’s get into it.

Twitter column bar: what is it and how does it work?

Excellent questions. Twitter’s new topic bar marks a new effort by the platform to improve the discovery of tweets in the app. On your main feed, trending topics will appear in bubble tabs (for example: election results, cryptocurrency, emmys of the day, etc.) These tabs will be immediately linked to the latest tweets and conversations on the topic of your choice. , leading you directly to Twitter action and the heart of all speech.

The topics you see in your topic bar will correspond to Tweets and users you’ve recently interacted with or searched for in the past, much like TikTok’s FYP or Instagram’s crawl page. It’s a win-win – you get more content that interests you, and tweets on the topic you’ve selected get more attention.

Presentation… TikTok Live Stream Intros

It’s a small addition, but it’s a significant addition.

If you’ve ever joined a Live on TikTok smack dab in the middle of someone’s sentence, or noticed that the user who went live has to stop every few minutes to explain to users asking questions in the comments what their live is about, you will certainly appreciate this new feature.

TikTok now allows users to write a short blurb to accompany their live broadcasts. What users do with this blurb is entirely up to them. Whether it’s a quick recap of what they’ll be discussing, their Venmo grip, or the release date of their upcoming single Spotify, these intros will take the pressure off the host to keep all of their viewers up to date without having to repeat what they said three minutes ago. Yay for the quick fixes!

Embed your IG profile preview anywhere.

Huge news for content creators or anyone looking to show off their grid when and where they can. Instagram now allows users to embed a preview of their Instagram profile – not just a single post – into a webpage, post functionality and beyond. Find out below… and don’t forget to follow up with us, just in case you haven’t already (wink).

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