Social Media Marketing: 30 LinkedIn Content Ideas

If you want to start posting more on LinkedIn but aren’t sure what to post, here are 30 content prompts that will hopefully inspire you.

All that’s missing is your unique experience from your point of view. And that’s your content advantage.

I recommend not just using social media, but promoting yourself or your business. Make sure some of your posts are designed to simply connect with your audience. Not everything you post on social media needs to generate leads.

Often, the content that resonates the most with your customers and employees is where you show your softer side. Include posts that highlight your community service, voluntary and volunteer initiatives, and the culture of your employees and company.

The next step is to choose the topics that interest you, define your content pillars (the main areas that align with your brand and business), and then outline the posts about them in your content calendar (which you should start creating).

Try not to post your successes too often (especially in a boastful way like “I am honored and honored to be named Super Lawyers for the 400th time…” which is not client-centric.

Instead, post about the unique value you can bring to your network. Showing rather than telling is still the best way to engage with your followers and build your personal brand.

Offer practical advice, write short paragraphs and tell stories from your own life when you can.

Above all, be useful and accessible. And be YOU!

30 LinkedIn Social Media Content Ideas You Can Post Today

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