Sambalpur University to boost social media presence – The New Indian Express

By Express press service

SAMBALPUR: Sambalpur University is poised to boost its presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to connect with students and alumni besides attracting prospective students.

Vice-Chancellor (VC) Sanjiv Mittal said a strong social media presence will help expand the university’s reach to a diverse group of people, in addition to potential learners and alumni. At least four students from Sambalpur University Institute of Information Technology (SUIIT) have already been hired to manage the institution’s social media handles on different microblogging platforms.

The students were tasked with generating engaging content and publishing it regularly on the platforms. They will receive a salary of `5,000 each per month for the task. “All activities undertaken by the university will be shared on Facebook and Twitter for the public. We will also connect with alumni and integrate them into university development plans. An increased presence on social networks will help us to publicize the different courses, the achievements of the university, the research works and the pacts signed with other educational institutions to attract students from all over the country,” said Mittal said.

The VC further stated that LinkedIn will be used for industry interaction. This will help in the placement of students in different industries. Also, details of research papers published by students will be posted on LinkedIn. Visual content and photos of various university events, both off and on campus, will be shared on Instagram.

“Before, we depended on conventional media to reach people. Thanks to this, we could only reach a specific group. But by using social media, the university will be able to share its campus life and academic achievements with the general public,” the VC added.

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