Pinterest presents 6 ideas for getting the most out of Idea Pins

Idea Pins are Pinterest’s version of the Stories format, a video-aligned full-screen content option that offers a range of new creative opportunities, aligning with broader consumer trends.

And if you’re wondering how to get the most out of the option, you’re in luck – this week Pinterest has describes six conceptual ideas for compelling idea pinswhich might help you formulate a better approach to the option.

You can check the Pinterest preview herebut in this article, we’ll take a look at the key tips.

First, Pinterest notes that the concept of your Idea Pin is the key consideration no matter what approach you take.

As explained by pinterest:

The foundation of a great Pin idea is a great idea. Plan around your passions, choosing topics and ideas that really matter to you. It’s easier to create great content when you’re enthusiastic, and your authenticity will shine through in your final content. »

Once you have a goal in mind, Pinterest says these six formats have proven to be some of the most effective for Idea Pins so far.

1. Education

As with other Stories formats, educational Idea Pins can be a great way to maximize engagement, while aligning more specifically with Pinterest’s audience. You can use the educational approach to teach new skills, provide tutorials, or recommend specific products, which can be a great engaging way to showcase your products/services in the display.

2. Quick Tip

Another good use of the format is to provide quick tips and insights that can be captured in a few images. This may concern options for using your product, practical information about your sector, etc.

3. Comparison

Highlighting the different ways a product can be used is another attractive Idea Pin option, with Pinterest noting that it can be effective for recipe tips, home decor ideas, fashion and more.

Idea Pin Ideas

4. Storyteller

The Idea Pin format can also be great for storytelling, with the frame-by-frame approach allowing the story to unfold. You can use it to show, for example, how you create your products step by step.

5. Chat

A little like The Instagram Question Sticker, you can take a similar approach to Idea Pins, inviting your audience to ask questions and then answering each one. Pinterest doesn’t have a sticker for a straight answer, but you can still take note of user questions and then use them as inspiration.

6. Showcase

Finally, Pinterest also suggests that a basic showcase can be a great and engaging Idea Pin option, which is simply to show a process in action.

Idea Pin Ideas

In each case, you can also invite your audience to respond with their own idea, adding more potential for engagement, further underscoring the push towards participatory/educational approaches that invite the user to action.

Pinterest has yet to provide solid numbers on Idea Pin usage, but noted that the format has seen significant user interest, and with more people gravitating towards short video content, it makes sense to consider Idea Pins in your broader approach to Pin content.

At least they’re probably worth experimenting with, and these tips could be the starting point for your own Idea Pin strategy in the future.

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