Nothing can stop KTR on social media, Deets Inside

Telangana IT Minister K Taraka Rama Rao is not shy about speaking his mind. He often shares his thoughts and opinions on various issues via Twitter. Sometimes KTR also gives back to those who comment on the ruling TRS government. KTR also refrains from making satirical comments about opposing parties via micro-blogging sites.

He also hosts question-and-answer sessions on Twitter and answers questions asked by Internet users. The Telangana MAUD is also quick to respond to those asking for financial assistance.

For the past few days, the minister has been targeting the NDA government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He called the ruling BJP government a dual engine government. He further said that there is no “Achhe Din” as promised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India as long as he holds power. KTR has published several satirical comments on Congress and BJP leaders.

On the other hand, KTR has good public speaking skills and he gives back to everyone who meets him with questions related to the development of Telangana. He is also not shy about pointing the finger at the failure of the BJP government to deliver on the promises made in the manifesto at the time of the polls.

Today, KTR took to his Twitter and urged those who disagreed with his views to unfollow him on Twitter. He also reiterated that he would continue to state facts about the government and the NDA Prime Minister.

He tweeted: “To all those people who cringe and fear every time I post facts about NDA Govt & PM. Please unfollow me immediately as I will continue to highlight and expose their bigotry and false propaganda; come what may.” Here is the tweet made by KTR.

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