Nigeria leads the world in responsible use of social media

The Nigerian government says the Authority’s successful negotiation with micro-blogging site Twitter to ensure responsible use of social media platforms is setting the tone globally as an example of efforts to prevent abuse. harmful content for social media.

The country’s Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, who revealed this at a press conference in Ilorin Central Nigeria on Sunday, said Nigeria was way ahead of many countries that have now realized that social media platforms should be regulated for the benefit of their people and the good of society.

He said the Nigerian government made this decision realizing there had to be a country before anything else.

He claimed that the entity called Nigeria must be protected from social media abuse.

Alhaji Mohammed also denounced the double standards expressed by some western entities when it comes to issues of protests and freedom with regards to Nigeria and how it is happening in their areas.

“Remember, gentlemen, that during the EndSars demonstration, which resulted in the blocking of public roads and the massive destruction of government and private property, Canada was one of the countries that spoke out in favor of the protesters.

Recall also that Twitter has actively supported the EndSars protesters and even helped them raise funds while GoFundMe has been used to raise funds for the protests.

These are the same entities that are now rushing to distance themselves from protesters in Canada and even denying them the use of their platforms.

This is similar to what happened during the January 6, 2021, uprising at the United States Capitol in Washington, D.


where those involved are still under investigation or have been brought to justice.

I don’t blame them.

No one wants their country to be destroyed under the guise of protests.

He compared a situation where truckers protesting Covid-19 vaccine mandates and other Covid-19 restrictions are labeled illegal and a similar Endsars protest in Nigeria is labeled peaceful as a double standard.

The situation is that Canadian protesters, who have blocked roads and resorted to inconveniencing others, have been branded as terrorists or insurgents and subjected to a number of crackdowns by the government and organizations private.

As a result, crowdfunding company GoFundMe ended the fundraising campaign for truckers, after raising more than US$10 million. Similarly, the micro-blogging site, Twitter suspended the truckers’ account while the Ontario government froze access to millions of dollars donated through the online fundraising platform GiveSendGo to protesters.

In another breath, Jim Watson, the mayor of Ottawa, Canada’s capital, also declared a state of emergency in the city in response, saying the protests posed a threat to the safety of residents.

“Make no mistake about this intervention.

We are not happy with the unfortunate developments in Canada.

But we are only drawing attention to the double standard involved in how protesters deemed violent are viewed in Nigeria and the West.

Those who branded the thugs who destroyed public and private property in Nigeria under the guise of EndSars as peaceful protesters branded similar protesters in their own country as insurgents and terrorists.

This blatant double standard should not be lost on all Nigerians.

We have always said that you have to have a country before you can even enjoy the freedoms guaranteed by the constitution of your country.

If there is no Nigeria, no one will talk about freedom of expression or freedom of association and such.

According to Alhaji Lai Mohammed, this realization explains why every country goes the extra mile to protect and preserve itself.

And it also explains why we have continued to insist on social media regulation to ensure responsible content.

“In this area, I can confidently say that we are far ahead of most countries in the world, which have now realized that social media must be regulated for the benefit of their own people.

In this regard, our successful negotiation with Twitter to develop measures to ensure responsible use of this platform which, by the way, will also apply to other social media platforms, has made us a pioneer. worldwide in efforts to prevent the dissemination of harmful content. social media platforms

We must not allow anyone to destroy our country under the guise of protest or unbridled freedoms.

We must all prioritize Nigeria at all times.

Recall that Nigeria had a long battle with the micro-blogging site Twitter which resulted in the sites’ activities being suspended in Nigeria for 7 months until negotiations and commitments are concluded and Twitter agrees to almost all the conditions set by Nigeria prior to the restoration of service delivery.

The Nigerian government believes that the irresponsible use of social media can affect national security and unity among diverse multi-ethnic and religious groups and a huge youth population.

The government is still working to replicate and apply the Twitter treatment to other social media platforms operating in the country.

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Nigeria leads the world in responsible use of social media

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