NFL trade rumors: 49ers Deebo Samuel interested in Cowboys on social media

Wednesday was reported per ESPN that San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel wants to be traded away from the season-ending Dallas Cowboys last year.

Samuel is one of the most versatile players in the entire league, as his prowess extends beyond the conventional wide receiver position and into the backfield. He is the epitome of “just give him the ball and watch him make plays” come to life.

Given Samuel’s importance to the 49ers roster, many felt he was next in line for a big payday. Receivers like Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill have secured new market deals with teams after being traded by their former teams, the world the Jacksonville Jaguars created when they signed Christian Kirk is costly.

Deebo Samuel dropped a breadcrumb on social media linking him to the Dallas Cowboys

Immediately after the trade rumor, NFL Network reported that the New York Jets (who missed Tyreek Hill), Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs were among the parties interested in Samuel. They too reported that part of why Samuel wants to leave San Francisco is a problem with how he’s used there.

As all these reports circulated, Deebo Samuel apparently took matters into his own hands just like he does on the football pitch. He liked a tweet from a user who suggested he would look great with a star on his helmet which included a photoshopped image of Samuel in a Cowboys uniform.

It’s kind of the thing for players looking to get paid to sign on to the Cowboys as a leverage point. Dallas is Team USA after all. Just this offseason we’ve seen Von Miller and Bobby Wagner get big deals with new teams after being signed to the Cowboys, you can also add Za’Darius Smith into that mix (not to mention Stefon Diggs getting a new deal at Buffalo after his younger brother Trevon tweeted that it would be fun for them to reunite in Dallas).

With the 2022 NFL Draft about a week away, it stands to reason Samuel could be moved very quickly so the 49ers can use any compensation they get for him; however, it seems unlikely that Dallas will be the team involved given the package it would take to get Samuel as well as the new contract he would likely need on top of that.

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