Made to Last: 8 Creative Ideas for Building Sturdy Furniture and Accents With Concrete

Upgrading your home with new furniture and decor can be a daunting undertaking. It seems like you either have to splurge for high-quality designer craftsmanship or sacrifice durability for affordability. What if you didn’t have to make that choice? While concrete might not be front and center when considering building your own furniture, it’s actually an ideal material to work with. It’s easy to use, durable and can handle a lot. QUIKRETE makes it even easier with their pre-mixed and packaged concrete products. In fact, you can make tables, lamps, and other decorative pieces for your home using just one bag of QUIKRETE. Keep reading for inspiring ideas on how to make sustainable furniture with QUIKRETE Provisions.

1. Coffee table

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Guests will be impressed to discover that this modern coffee table didn’t come from a fancy Scandinavian shop, but rather you made it! What’s even more impressive is that it only requires QUIKRETE Countertop Blend, melamine panel and fir balusters. The mold is made from melamine, which you then fill with the QUIKRETE Countertop Blend. While the concrete hardens, you can build the base of the baluster. After 48 hours, you can place the concrete slab on the balusters. look at this video for start-to-finish instructions.

2. Terrazzo table

Photo: Quikrete via Morgan and Sean McBride

Terrazzo is a trendy material, but it doesn’t come cheap. Morgan and Sean McBride of Charleston Crafted learned how to replicate the look using QUIKRETE Countertop Blend with broken glass tiles and added stones. They also included a hint of teal dye to the mix for added effect. The McBrides placed their “terrazzo” concrete slab on a wooden base to create a side table. Discover their blog post for directions.

3. Lamp

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Illuminate your space in style with a chic lamp like this. While a great budget-friendly table lamp is hard to find, this DIY version is easy to make and the supplies are affordable. Yuni from Love Your Abode used a cylindrical plastic container for the mold with a PVC pipe centered in the middle to create a hole for the wiring. Gently add QUIKRETE Concrete Mix to the mold and let cure for at least 48 hours before painting and adding the lamp kit. The best part is that the base of the lamp is totally customizable. While Yuni chose to add a marbled effect accented with metallic paint, you can style it however you like. Check out Yuni’s instructions here.

4. Nesting tables

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Having enough surfaces and the space for them is a common conundrum. These concrete nesting tables are a sturdy and modern upgrade to flimsy folding tops. The crisp lines and seamless edges may make you feel like they require technical expertise to build, but it’s actually so simple a novice can make them. The secret? The LEGOs. Create the desired table mold from base plates and LEGO bricks. Spoon in the QUIKRETE Countertop Blend and use a wooden dowel to push the concrete into the mold. After it has cured for 20 hours, you can remove the bricks. Follow the instructions in this video to make your own nesting tables.

5. Bar table

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A high table is a versatile piece for the home. You can use it as a breakfast counter in the kitchen, a console table in the living room, or a home bar in the basement. While an industrial-style table like this would cost you a pretty penny if you bought it from a store, it’s actually quite affordable for DIY. Build a mold for the table top using melamine and rebar, and fill it with QUIKRETE Countertop Blend. After letting it cure for 48 hours, you can screw it into the base constructed from plywood and iron pipe fittings, then use Curing and Sealing QUIKRETE Acrylic Concrete to protect the top. look at this video for step-by-step instructions on how to assemble your own high bar table. Feel free to adjust the measurements, so it fits exactly the way you want it in your home.

6. Pet bowl stand

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Stop tripping over your dog or cat’s water and food bowls. This concrete feeding station is rock solid and won’t tip over with the slightest bump. The base mold is made of melamine and white cardboard with centrally placed stainless steel bowls. To pay QUIKRETE 5000 into the mold, making sure to push it down and into the corners, and add rubber pads to prevent scratches on the floor. Wait 48 hours for it to harden before removing the mold. Voila, you have an anti-tipping power station! look at this video for step-by-step instructions.

7. Storing firewood

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Stack your firewood in a stylish and organized way with a storage tower like this. All you have to do is build a simple square mold and insert long dowels into it. This handyman used clear rods, although you could use any material you prefer, like pipe fittings. Mix and pour QUIKRETE Concrete Mix into the mold and let it harden for 48 hours. Afterwards, you can screw shelves if you wish or simply stack the timbers on top of each other.

8. Slime

Photo: Quikrete via Lindsay Zuelich

Show off your greenery in a shatterproof vase. This mod receptacle is made of concrete and a plastic ornament, so even if bumped, it won’t shatter into a million pieces. Use melamine or scrap wood to construct the mold and place the ball inside with the head positioned at the top of the box. Mix a packet of QUIKRETE Quick Set Concrete and pour halfway up the sides of the pan. Once it has set, which only takes 20-40 minutes, you can remove the mold and put some flowers in it. Click on here for photo instructions.

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