Let’s start a social media site!

It’s easy, right? You can write it in BASIC and run it from the old Apple II in your closet. You simply accept a text string from someone calling, and post it to a webpage, and presto! The fame and the money begin to arrive.

Even Donald Trump could do it! Or think he could do it, because this man is delusional.

Predictably, Donald Trump’s social network rollout was a disaster. Truth Social’s debut on Monday was marred by technical issues and a mammoth waiting list, while some people who were actually able to use the service complained of being “censored”.

Truth Social “was almost entirely inaccessible in the early days of its big debut due to technical issues, a 1 p.m. outage, and a waiting list of 300,000 people,” The Washington Post wrote yesterday. Trump Media & Technology Group CEO Devin Nunes told a Fox News show that Truth Social’s goal is to be “fully operational at least in the United States” by the end of March. The waiting list now exceeds 500,000.

I wonder how many of those half-millions are lookie-loos staring at the wreckage of the train, how many are journalists who think they just have to report on this ex-politician’s desperate fantasy (they don’t don’t, by the way), and how many are sincere Trump followers AKA chucklefucks?

Of course, he didn’t design it himself.

Truth Social was built using Mastodon open source software.

They just grabbed some existing software, pasted some graphics, and revised some text messages, and called it good.

I have an account on Mastodon. I didn’t have to queue to get it, I just found an instance that didn’t have the Donald on it and started typing. Isn’t Mastodon’s goal to have a decentralized distribution of servers, anyway?

Plus, it’s a little ironic to name the failing media site created by a politician known for constantly lying “truth.”

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