LEGO Ideas Second 2021 review results: two new products passed – and one didn’t [News] – The brick of the brothers

Today, LEGO Ideas reveals the results of the most recent review. In case you missed it, the review board had to evaluate 34 projects, including ideas based on popular franchises, fan-favorite creations, and even K-pop! According to video and article published on the blog, there is good news and other not so good.

The first project to be approved is the A frame Cabin of a renowned manufacturer Andrea Lattanzio Alias ​​Norton74. We are very familiar with Andrea’s iconic housing, having featured this particular build and others in the same series.

The second project is BTS Dynamitea collaborative project of Jacob (Bangtan Bricks) and Josh Bretz (JBBrickFanatic), in tribute to the popular South Korean pop group BTS and their hit song Dynamite.

Not approved: After further examination of Harry Finkelof the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs project from the previous batch, the LEGO Ideas review board decided not to go ahead with this project. While this is a nice build of an iconic animated Disney Classic, it’s unclear why it wasn’t approved, which leaves us to speculate.

Here are the exam results in one image:

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