Kalp Vaidya, a growing social media influencer and blogger, shares how lockdown helped him build his online identity

Kalp Vaidya currently has over 1,11,000 followers on Instagram, 1,49,000 subscribers and 54,854 views on YouTube New Delhi, Delhi, India (NewsSee) Kalp Vaidya, an Instagram influencer from Vadodara, Gujarat, has been recognized on social media during the COVID -19 lockdown. Passionate and go-getter at heart, he started his online journey a few months ago with the mind to achieve something big. His initial journey started with the motivation he got from attending a series of in-house webinars from GSFC University in Vadodara, Gujarat. This series of webinars served as the starting point for his interest in digital marketing. It’s his story, from being nobody to becoming somebody. During his journey, Kalp said, “Success doesn’t come to those who don’t try; it’s about those who have tried and failed but still don’t give up. ”He joined Instagram during the COVID-19 lockdown. Life was getting monotonous and spending time on Instagram was purely to pass the time, he added. He started having fun posting content on Instagram. This is how he started to be more interested in doing something productive with his free time. He saw the power of this tool, namely social media, which can help influence others and how one can create an impact on their daily lives in different ways. He started with minimal followers to start with, like everyone else, and started looking for ways to grow. Hence, he has joined many support groups that help bloggers increase their subscriber base and engagement. However, over time, these bands began to decline, but he wasn’t ready to give up just yet. After some rigorous research, he came across some tips that were actually helpful. Some of the tips included setting up relevant hashtags to get more organic reach impressions, adding a bio for her page with keywords related to her content, posting consistently, and spreading giveaways all collaborating with brands to attract more public attention. In this process, he had the opportunity to collaborate with many brands like MCAffeine, Flipkart, Amazon, Nykaa, Mamaearth, Vodafone, Lays and many more. He currently has over 1,11,000 followers on Instagram and 1,49,000 subscribers on YouTube. While following these strategies and putting more effort into his blog, he garnered support from people who, like him, wanted to grow on Instagram and came together to create a WhatsApp group. From there, obviously, they grew. Kalp added, “In the early days, I was looking at brand collaboration posts on other bloggers’ pages and reaching out to those brands myself to discuss collaboration opportunities. It helped me learn to communicate more professionally. As my page started to grow, I no longer needed to reach out to brands for collaborations, and instead I started getting lots of direct messages as well as emails from brands. giving me opportunities. Since then, growth has taken leaps and bounds, and there has been no turning back. I’m grateful for how everything turned out for me.” His growth on Instagram has helped him connect with people from a variety of backgrounds. The best part of this world, says Kalp, is the bond where they support and help each other grow virtually in different ways. It’s one of the aspects of social media that he really enjoys. Additionally, Kalp looks forward to many more opportunities and wants to grow personally and professionally and create more opportunities for others to grow this year as well. About Kalp Vaidya Kalp Vaidya is an experienced Social Media Coordinator with a demonstrated track record of working in the Education Management industry. He is skilled in action sports, entrepreneurship, management, leadership and Hindi. He is a strong marketing professional with a Bachelor of Technology-BTech with a focus in Computer Engineering from GSFC University. Instagram: www.instagram.com/kalpu_official/ YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/Kalpuofficial LinkedIn: in.linkedin.com/in/kalp-vaidya. Image: Kalp Vaidya, a growing social media influencer and blogger PWR PWR

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