Just Added: New Inman Season, New Shows, New Ideas

There is always something new at Inman.

This year, 2022 is no exception. We know you have big plans for this year, and you will be on the ground to make it happen. This year, expect new guests and new ways to align your business with your goals.

We are entering our second full year of Log in now – our virtual series designed to keep you up to date with the latest trends and tactics to help you keep your edge all year round.

Our objective

We’re making it easier than ever to integrate real estate content into your daily life, like your favorite podcasts or streaming TV shows.

2022 is Season 2. You can listen to the monthly episodes on-demand (in your car on the way to your next appointment, practice, or wherever you are), or watch them live to see live chat. action. You’ll have access to all the replays, so you can watch at your own pace.

Available now: our complete streaming offer

We’ve turned monthly episodes, including reruns, into a full streaming package. You can access the full year of content with just one package, so you have access to watch live when the episode drops.

Marketing never stops, lead generation never stops – and new strategies never stop.

Nowhere else will you see agents and brokers willing to share so many of their top secrets from our scene.

It all starts on Tuesday, January 25. With the opening of season 2 of Inman Log in now.

Join live networking, general session discussions and key industry leaders such as: Glenn Sanford, CEO and Founder of eXp Real Estate; Sherry Chris, President and CEO of Realogy Extension Marks; Rainy Hake Austin, President of The agency; David Doctorow, CEO of real estate agent.com; and Austin Allison, co-founder and CEO of pacaso.

Here is an overview of the agenda at a glance:

  • LIVE! Inman Connect Now Morning Show
  • New year, new market trends. How you can prepare for what’s next
  • The Metaverse, Stocks, and Massive Growth Goals: What It All Means
  • How to penetrate your local luxury market
  • Future 15: Home search innovation and open marketplaces
  • Proptech investments today illuminate the future of technology
  • What do agents really want from their brokerage and why?
  • What is most important to today’s buyers?
  • The 3 main pressure points and opportunities facing brokers today

Book your place to stay ahead of the game. We will meet over there!

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