Joe Locke Avoids Social Media After ‘Heartstopper’ Popularity: ‘I Find It Enough’

By Anita Tai.

2 hours ago

Joe Locke says it was hard adjusting to sudden fame.

The young Netflix ‘Heartstopper’ star spoke on the ‘Reign With Josh Smith’ podcast about her strategies for dealing with attention, especially on social media.

“I think the first few weeks I kind of found myself looking for the bad comments and looking for things that would bother me,” Locke said. “I don’t know why, but I think it’s a very natural human thing for people to do.”

In order to protect her own sanity, the star has found the best thing to do is to avoid social media, at least for now.

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“I don’t look at Twitter or TikTok or my Instagram as much anymore because I find that I find it a bit overwhelming and I don’t find it bad,” he explained.

That being said, the young actor wanted his fans to know that he always appreciates kind words and compliments.

“That doesn’t mean I can’t see all the nice things people say, I just have to do it by measurements or it will get a little overwhelming. I’ll never turn off my phone. I’ll never live my life , which is not good.

“Living his life” for the 18-year-old has meant studying for his A levels – a series of subject-based qualifications in the UK that are considered for entry into higher education.

“So it’s something that definitely keeps my head on the ground. Well, actually, in a textbook, but yeah,” he joked. have my A levels to keep me grounded, but that’s not the case. They are awful and I hate them.

Reflecting on the show’s success, the star was happy that it was getting attention, especially with the kind of story it tries to tell.

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Locke recalled a post from blogging site Tumblr that praised the show for not choosing an “attractive, six-pack, classic white man” as the lead. He joked about the backhanded compliment, but also agreed that the frame around “attractive” needs to change in popular media.

“It is exactly that this is not the norm. This is not the norm at all and we need to show more of the norm and what is normal,” he said. “Because I think, especially on big TV shows, unrealistic body images are presented as the norm. And also, who decided that was what we deem as attractive?”

“Heartstopper” has already been greenlit for two more seasons, with the second season set to focus on Charlie’s eating disorder.

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