Ideas to Make Life Beautiful 04/15 by Lori And Company Show

The audio for this broadcast could not be played. Instead, enjoy the Lewis Howes School of Greatness while I investigate what happened.

Discussion about wine and beer and local places.

DIY gift basket ideas.

Invention Discussion and Job Posting

Find your gifts test at — includes a quiz and is free

Place for entrepreneurs and daily incentives given

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Whether you’re offering classes, hosting an event, or offering your services, you don’t have to be a tech guru or spend a fortune. You can also control your mailing list and not let big tech platforms share and monitor what you are doing while on their platforms. I will share my story on this. Many good inventions were copied because people weren’t careful online.

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Mayor Rudy on Education

Valentine’s Day newsletter that incorporates lessons. Smore offers easy-to-edit templates that don’t require technical skills. I try to share tools that can help entrepreneurs and save them time and money. I filled in this as an example. Take the challenge of Operation Underground Railroad – OUR Rescue

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