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It can be quite difficult to muster up the courage to share an idea with your boss, colleagues, or in a meeting. But it can also be disappointing and saddening to have an idea but not be able to share it out of fear.

This fear can be caused by different factors such as nervousness to speak in front of people or because of ego.

Sharing ideas is a chance for you to let your colleagues know that you can bring something to the table, and it’s also a chance to exercise your critical thinking and communication skills.

Rachel Uwineza, Sales Manager, says anyone in the workplace can have this fear, but to overcome it, a person must first realize that the idea didn’t just come to them by accident, “they had the idea because it needs to be shared. ”

“If you have an idea, don’t think about it, share it, and if it’s rejection you fear, know that the person who rejects your idea is not rejecting you but the idea. Feel free to ask why they rejected your idea, but don’t take it personally. We share to learn, to be corrected and to receive more information,” she says.

Junior Isheja, a creative content creator, says sharing ideas can be tricky, especially when it comes to sharing them with lots of people, because sometimes there is a lack of self-confidence.

“If you ever feel like you don’t have a lot of information about what you want to share, you can save it and do enough research because enough facts give you confidence,” he says.

In addition, Anna Carine Engama, a student in mass communication, says that you can first share your ideas with a friend at work, a relative with whom you do not feel shy.

“It’s often easy to share anything with people we’re close to because they can relate to what you’re telling them. So ask that person and tell them what your idea is about, but also allow them to critique and comment, maybe they can tell you how to approach that idea.

Smart Business, a business news magazine, noted that when you come up with a new idea, you’re not just asking for acceptance, but you’re hoping for support. You are essentially asking individuals to invest time, effort and/or money in a project with an uncertain outcome. Since most of us are risk averse, the fear of failure is a huge source of anxiety and resistance.

Amy Fairbridge, consultant and coach on various work-related topics, suggests through her blog to think of rejection as a redirection when sharing ideas.

“It’s the nudge of the universe as if to say ‘Not this way! Go somewhere different. A refusal is not a sign to abandon the idea. It is simply a clear indicator that the direction you are taking is not the best one. So instead of giving up, try to share it in a different way, somewhere else, towards a different energetic vibration.

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