How to never run out of content topic ideas again

In the journey of digital marketing, your website content reigns supreme. If effort is in your hands, and if you want to do everything you can about your website, develop a robust and smooth flow of content that is regularly updated and published at regular intervals. However, it has been observed that it is quite difficult to achieve this feat. Analysis results indicate that:

  1. Every marketer needs at least one content topic idea every business day, which is around 250 new and fresh ideas per year.
  2. About 50% of marketers become exhausted with the flow of ideas to fuel their content publishing efforts.

At times when ideas are not readily available, this is nothing short of a crippling situation for a content marketer. They know it’s important to produce content and keep a flow of content at a steady pace, but they’re somehow unable to generate enough ideas.

Nevertheless, the Dallas Digital Marketing Agency suggests that there are ways to remedy this situation.

One can generate many ideas for his blog, website, social media platforms, podcasts, etc., by following some simple and systematic steps and procedures.

Below, we’ll discuss a few steps to ensure you never run out of content topic ideas again. These steps are results-driven and tested by top marketers.


If the numbers speak for themselves, then watch the following statistics regarding Quora.

  1. Quora has 300 million unique visitors each month.
  2. Nearly 400,000 topics are discussed in various fields each month.
  3. About 3000 to 5000 questions are asked daily, with an average of 6 to 7 answers to each question.

Web Agencies in Dallas vouch for a platform like Quora to find awesome and unique ideas for content creation.

Just search your topic or keyword on Quora and you will find various questions asked by different visitors from all over the world.

This will give you perspective on what people are asking and what answers they might be looking for. This perspective alone can help you read the customer’s mindset and generate new ideas to solve their problems.

Reddit and subreddits

With over 50 million daily active unique visitors and over 100,000 active communities, Reddit is a gold mine for someone looking for ideas.

This is a forum based site with a myriad of QNA (Questions and Answers) posts. The unique topic-based forum consists of communities known as Subreddits. Subreddits are smaller forums that focus on a particular topic.

Do a search in Reddit for your specific topic or keyword, and you’ll find a huge list of Reddit subreddits. Each Reddit is a broad category and subreddits are categories more specific to a topic of your search query.

The Dallas Digital Marketing Company and other top digital marketers around the world have found that if a post from a Reddit user has received multiple upvotes and comments, those posts can be a topic idea for your content.

A thorough analysis of Reddit research and posts can provide you with a constant supply of topic ideas and also allow you to dig deeper into the mindset of the specific community. You will know in advance what people want and why. This overview will help you customize your content to target a specific audience in your digital marketing campaign.

Keyword research tools

You have a niche and some keyword ideas related to your products and services.

A keyword research tool will help you generate lots of keywords around your niche and help you understand what people are using to search their queries around the niche.

This preview helps you create your content closely focused on your target audience’s keywords.

There are many free and paid keyword research tools. Some of them are good and some might not give you the desired results. Some of them are for beginners while others are for intermediate and advanced users.

Among the free tools available now, Moz Keyword Explorer, Google Keyword Planner, Semrush, etc. are used by most digital marketers.

The best digital marketing companies in dallas Use the best keyword research apps and tools to generate a long list of ideas to keep the content calendar engaged for a long time.

Use Google AutoComplete

Have you ever started typing your query into the Google search bar and a list of suggestions appears below? This feature is known as Google Autocomplete.

You should note any suggestions that Google offers in the list around your primary keyword research initiative. All of these suggestions could be your topic ideas.

Another useful method is to pay attention to a section called “People Also Ask” and “Related Search” displayed on Google search results pages. It can be noticed that Google’s autocomplete and related searches are demographic and region-centric. This easily gives you an overview of popular and relevant keywords and ideas that are trending in a particular region, city or country, or the keywords that a specific population or age group is using most frequently .

The Dallas Digital Marketing Company and other similar great digital marketers believe that since Google is a top player in the search engine business, one will get plenty of ready-to-use keywords, phrases, and topic ideas by using these wisely sections.

Competition analysis

Most businesses operate in a competitive environment. It is therefore essential to know your competitors well in order to position yourself in the market.

Since a particular website or business is your competitor, you are likely to find topics of similar interest and the same niche in their content. Identify and analyze website, blogs, social media handles, etc. of the competitor, and identify commonly used and unique keywords.

During a competitor analysis, check the medium in which the content is delivered, the frequencies and types of content and campaigns run, the most popular content published by your competitors, etc. Locate the keywords used by them and analyze their SEO metrics.

This outline will provide you with many ideas for your topic.

Using Google Trends

As the name suggests, Google Trends tells you the trending topics in a particular niche and region. One can even get the keywords or phrases related to a specific trending topic in Google by limiting the search to a specific region, city or country.

The best Digital Marketing Agencies in Dallas point out that a judiciously conducted search in Google Trends combined with Google Autocomplete and other similar tools will give you a list of keywords and topic ideas that are current, fresh and relevant to your niche. Periodic research using these tools will ensure that your content calendar is filled with ideas to work on.

Ask your customers

It is for the customers that you build your content. What better way to know what to work on than to ask your customers what they want? However, asking a client bluntly does not get you results.

The Dallas Digital Marketing Agency agrees that a truly customer-centric brand that seeks the valuable opinions of its customers will never run out of content ideas.

Be tactful and polite and make sure it is convenient and safe for the client to share their opinions. There are many platforms and ways to find out what customers are looking for.

Installing a chatbot on your website, asking for customer feedback through a survey, or seeking feedback on their experiences with your brand and products will give you insight into how your customers perceive your brand. It will also give you enough new ideas to produce your next content.

Having your content calendar beaming with topic ideas for creating meaningful content requires following a systematic approach and methodical steps.

Of confidence digital marketing companies in dallas practice some of these proven techniques for generating topic ideas.

So if you ever come across a dry patch with no new ideas, follow the steps listed above and you will generate plenty of ideas that will make the content portfolio bloom.

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