How to Get Featured on Etsy’s Social Media

Growing a following on social media isn’t easy, but what if you could be featured on a marketplace’s social feed? Etsy’s social media manager recently shared tips and offered advice on how sellers can get her attention on their listings.

Evan Watkins said the first thing sellers should do is make sure their Etsy shop is complete: “That means updating your About section, adding shop policies if you don’t already have them, adding members of your business and include links to your social media profiles on your Etsy shop page.

He also recommended that sellers ensure their titles and tags were accurate representations of their items to make it easier for the Etsy team to find their items and make purchases through Etsy search.

Watkins also said quality photography and video is important – “If you’re looking for inspiration to guide your own content, be sure to check out our social profiles and see the kind of photography and video we share. usually.”

One tip he shared may be overlooked by sellers: include a link to your Etsy shop in your social profiles. “This makes it easy for our team to view your store from posts we’re tagged in,” he explained.

Another way to get the attention of Etsy’s social media team members that requires ongoing effort is to engage with their content. “Often we share prompts or questions on our pages and on the Etsy forums. I have discovered a number of sellers to feature in video projects or publications through their interactions with our content on social media and in forums. »

When asked what sellers should avoid doing to prevent them from being featured by Etsy on social media, Watkins said watermarks on images are prohibited. “We are unable to offer stores that include watermarks on images or images that infringe on the intellectual property of others.”

He added, “If you’re creating items based on existing IP, we probably won’t be able to feature your store.”

Watkins shared a lot more during Etsy’s podcast interview in March. You can read the full transcript on the Etsy Seller Handbook, which also describes how you can listen to the podcast.

Ina Steiner

Ina Steiner
Ina Steiner is the co-founder and editor of EcommerceBytes and has been reporting on e-commerce since 1999. She is a widely cited authority on marketplace selling and is the author of “Turn eBay Data Into Dollars” ( McGraw-Hill 2006). His blog was featured in the book “Blogging Heroes” (Wiley 2008). She is a member of the Online News Association (September 2005 – present) and Investigative Journalists and Editors (March 2006 – present). Follow her on Twitter at @ecommercebytes and send topical tips to [email protected] See disclosure at

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