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We would love to work with you!

When you blog as a guest on UC today, you have the opportunity to share your unique ideas with thousands of dedicated readers around the world, free of charge. We’re proud to be one of the most popular websites for unified communications and online collaboration news.

We give you the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of our scalable platform.

Do you have something to say about the collaboration? Want to share your thoughts on the amazing world of artificial intelligence? Maybe your company has discovered a new way to improve the communication experience of remote workers around the world? Is there a problem or challenge that you can help our readers solve?

Whatever your contribution, contact us! We may be able to find a place for you on our site.

What we are looking for:

Our readers expect high-quality editorial content from us, which is why we only publish guest content that meets our strict requirements.

The UC today The editorial team will check any content you submit before it goes live, to ensure that it is interesting, grammatically correct and relevant to our target audience. Currently we host guest blogs which are:

  • 100% unique and original: We don’t want any posts you’ve already shared elsewhere
  • Adapted to a database of unified communications readers
  • Well written and edited to the standards of our leading UC publication
  • Solve “problems” for our readers – business challenges that you can help solve or offer advice on.

We don’t want your selling points here, please! If you have a new product or service to sell, contact our sales team to discuss sharing a press release. If you want to submit a guest blog, make sure it is something useful, intuitive, and useful for our target audience related to unified communications, collaboration, and / or endpoints. . Maybe you have an idea of ​​team collaboration that you would like to share, a guide or a list of tips for our readers, whatever it is we would like to see. Blogs that help our readers solve problems in their business or in their professional life are particularly relevant at this time.

Still not sure? Check out our guest blog page to see the sort of thing we’re looking for.

Links to any relevant research (unauthorized and open access) are permitted and encouraged, in the body of the text, corn please do not include other links. We do not accept articles that contain links to other blogs or news articles.

How to get involved

If your guest blog is approved by our editorial team, we’ll help you promote it by posting it on our amazing website and advertising content on our many social media channels. We also encourage you to share your guest blogs!

We are more than happy to post an author bio for you and a link to your LinkedIn page when provided. We can also offer a link to your company website as part of the bio / signature to make sure our readers can find you if they are interested in learning more about you and your team. Be sure to provide a company logo with your item, along with your full name, job title, and brand name.

Submit articles related to UC, Collaboration and Endpoint topics to our editorial team and make sure they are between 500 and 1000 words long to start. Please send them to our editorial team.

Submission Checklist

Please take the time to verify your submission against this checklist BEFORE sending it to us:

  • Links in the body of the text may alone be on unpublished research (free access, no login required and no blogs or other news articles about research)
  • NO other links in the body of the text please, whether to your site Where others
  • Not a sales pitch – make sure it’s something useful, intuitive, and useful for our target audience
  • 100% unique and original – unpublished (Where submitted for publication) elsewhere
  • Author name, job title and company provided and link to company homepage provided, for use in signature / bio
  • Well written and edited to the standards of our leading UC publication

If all goes well, send it to us.

One final note, we only accept guest blogging submissions from corporate / work email addresses.

We look forward to working with you!

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