Guest blogging statistics to help shape your strategy

At Referral Rock, we love to find ways to increase our visibility. One of the best things that has helped us do this is the guest blog.

While we have a pretty good guest posting strategy and end up writing a good handful each month… It got us thinking. What are other traders doing? And how many guest posts do they write?

So we turned to the experts to see their approach to finding and writing guest posts. We had 70 responses to our survey, in just one week! Which is more than expected. And also the reason why we had to split this article into two pieces!

Before we move on to the expert advice in article 2, let’s focus a bit on the stats we found.

Guest blog statistics

We surveyed 5 guest blogging questions. Our first 3 questions were multiple-choice options, while the last two were open-ended (and will be discussed in our Expert Tips on Guest Blogging article).

It was important for us to ask for the top three because we wanted to know if we were on par with what other marketers are doing.

So we decided to start with these two questions.

  1. How many contacts per month do you offer a guest post?
  2. How many guest posts do you actually write per month?

Our third question was more variable. We realized that not everyone would be in the same situation. So our third question has been asked so that we can see who plays what role in content marketing.

3. Describe your content marketing role, in which we asked respondents to check all that apply. You will see the options below.

These multiple choice questions have left us with some interesting results.

How many guest posts should I make?

At Referral Rock, we reach 10 contacts or less per month. This got us thinking, what is the typical amount of outreach and pitch that people usually do?

5 of 70 respondents (7%) start 100 or more blogs per month.

It turns out that we are not far from the majority. In fact, 50% of contributors reach 10 or fewer contacts per month to get guest posts via email.

How many guest posts do most blogs write per month?

Over half of those surveyed mentioned that they end up writing just 1-5 guest posts per month.

Over half (60%) responded that they write 1-5 guest posts per month.

We found it interesting that only 2 of the 70 respondents actually write more than 25 guest posts per month. That means 3% of respondents write 100 or more guest posts every month!

guest blog statistics

What does it mean ? On average, guest bloggers post around 6.6 posts per month. How close is that number to the amount you are posting as a guest? For us, it’s pretty close.

What roles are involved in guest blogging?

We found that many respondents play multiple roles when it comes to writing and delivering guest posts. The most common are reaching out, writing, proposing the topic, and prospecting.

We offered several options to the experts.

With options including:

  • I do prospecting
  • I do awareness
  • I write guest messages
  • I offer article ideas for guest posts
  • I am a staff member
  • I am independent
  • I do guest posts for multiple sites
  • I’m posting guest posts for a single site

Most surprisingly, we found that 81% indicated that they are the ones who decide on guest post ideas and topics.

65 of 70 respondents came up with ideas for guest posts.

While most respondents confirmed they did prospecting, contacts, and topics, only about half (49%) actually wrote the guest post.

guest blog statistics

Although many did not choose their exact role (freelance or staff member), we can see that many more respondents were staff.

guest blog statistics


For many businesses, guest posting is necessary, but it’s not the top priority. That’s why most people focus their efforts on trying to write for a few quality blogs.

To recap, the majority of marketers tend to reach 1-10 people per month and end up writing 1-5 articles per month. Therefore, Referral Rock is on par with many others.

And you? Are you doing the average guest blog, or are you going above and beyond?

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