Dictator’s government didn’t even spare the social media platform, says Congress leader Supriya Shrinate

After Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter alleging that the microblogging site was operating under pressure from the Center and its Twitter follower growth had been suppressed, Congress’s Supriya Shrinate attacked the central government. alleging that the “dictator government” didn’t even spare the social media platform. “The number of followers of Rahul Gandhi which was growing rapidly has diminished. The dictator government is not even sparing the social media platform,” Supriya Shrinate said on Thursday.

According to her, the central government controls social media to suppress voices that rise against the government. “The protests on social media affect a large number of people. It is an attempt to suppress the voices that are raised in democracy against the government.” She said the central government is trying to control the opposition. “Twitter’s response also substantiates our claim,” she claimed.

Rahul Gandhi had written to the microblogging website regarding his account. Twitter’s spokesperson, in response to his allegations, said: “Follower count is a visible characteristic and we want everyone to have confidence that the numbers are meaningful and accurate. Twitter has an approach zero tolerance for platform manipulation and spam.” (ANI)

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