Delhi Police are revamping their social media strategy to interact with people

New Delhi: On February 3, Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana interacted with people in a Twitter Spaces session hosted by Fever FM, where he answered a series of questions about crime, violence and security. women.

The session was monitored by Fever FM content manager Sharat and radio jockey Stutee Ghosh. More than 16,000 people attended the session which lasted almost an hour.

It was the first time a Delhi police commissioner had participated in a Twitter Spaces session. Twitter spaces are live audio chats broadcast through the microblogging site.

Earlier, Surender Singh Yadav, Joint Commissioner of Police (Operations) in Delhi, hosted a Twitter session titled “Ask Me Anything” on January 22. It was part of the initiative where he talked about the emergency number – 112 – which started in 2019.

Police officials told ThePrint that Asthana’s interaction on Twitter spaces is part of Delhi Police’s revamped social media strategy and dialogue to improve real-time communication between police and police. the citizens. They added that the idea of ​​hosting such sessions was conceived by Asthana.

Speaking to ThePrint, Chinmoy Biswal, PRO, Delhi Police and Additional CP, Western Range said: “Twitter, as a social media platform, has a huge audience that constantly reads the news and engages in dialogue. This initiative is part of our social media strategy as part of a public awareness program, revamped over the past two months. Earlier and even now we have agents providing video bytes and podcasts on various topics – cases and such to improve awareness. However, this is the first time a Delhi Police Commissioner has participated in an interactive session and covered a range of topics.

“The digital space is constantly emerging. In order to increase awareness, it was noted that it is imperative that officers go beyond the call of duty i.e. monitor social media content for implications of the law and order, and engage with the public,” Biswal added.

A senior police officer told ThePrint: “Our social media response team is working around the clock, on a rotating basis, to respond to concerns. The team consists of 15 to 20 people, working on a rotating basis, made up of ACPs, inspectors and other staff”.

The officer added that as part of the new social media strategy, these Q&A sessions will also be held on Facebook.

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Strengthen the dialogue between netizens and the police

During the session, Asthana said that while 1% of society compensates those who engage in criminal activity, 70% of it is involved in theft, property disputes and street crimes such as snatching.

He also said it was of the highest priority for the public in the capital to be able to work and live their lives in a safe and peaceful environment.

On issues related to women’s safety, Asthana said, “Police personnel of all ranks are sensitized to handling women’s safety cases – relating to crimes against women – to respond immediately. We are preparing to improve security – preventive actions and to handle post-breach situations, and design strategies in a timely manner. We have a complete module where – children, women, elderly people – are sensitized against such crimes. Policing for weaker sections should be proactive, not reactive”.

“Within 3 minutes of PCR call, our mobile vehicle reached the crime scene in Shahdara. Most of the accused were arrested on the spot,” he said.

Speaking to ThePrint, Asthana said these sessions are organized to improve the dialogue between netizens and the police. He also mentioned that the session generated a huge engagement.

“The interactive session generated immense engagement. We plan to increase these sessions in the future to improve the dialogue between netizens and the police. Twitter in the digital space has been functional for some time now in terms of of public complaints and redress of complaints. Given this social media presence, we have launched this initiative to address social issues related to various areas such as general public safety, cybersecurity, etc., “said Asthana.

Beyond the Myopic Definition of Cybercrime

As part of this initiative, Delhi Police held another session on February 4 on Cybersecurity and Crimes in Digital Spaces, which was viewed over 17,000 times and lasted 42 minutes.

During the session, KPS Malhotra, DCP Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations (IFSO), Special Cell, answered questions about the Bulli Bai case, social media bullying, cryptocurrency frauds, and discussed online helpline number 155260 to report cases of online cheating and fraud. and precautionary measures.

Responding to questions about cybercrime, Malhotra said, “Cybercrime is bigger than what we perceive from online fraud. Currently, there are no crimes that are not related to cybercrime,” the DCP said.

“The main motive for these sessions is to answer questions from the general public and also inform them of the various police legal proceedings. Through this process, we aim to bridge the gaps between the public and the police and also to ensure awareness Cybercrime, as we have seen, is a growing field, especially with the increase in digital spaces over time,” Malhotra told ThePrint.

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