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It is impossible to generate ingenious creations based on the schedule. But SMM specialists have to think every day how to post messages every day, keeping the channel interesting for the public. Often users lose interest and even unsubscribe from their favorite creators. For this reason, content creators are forced to buy instagram followers and start working again.

In this article, we’ve collected 14 sources of ideas for social media posts and videos. The list is suitable for brands and businesses, as well as bloggers and media.

1. Base of customer objections with their responses

Based on such a foundation, engaging posts and videos are obtained in the form of questions that touch on the client’s pain and an answer that relieves that pain. Reframe the customer’s objection or pain into a question and present your sales response.

2. Comments on your posts and videos

See which questions are asked most often. What preoccupies or excites commentators the most? Discover and shoot video content or write texts on these topics. From the comments you can collect not only a good content plan, but also find a good texture, theses. Typically, it is the interaction with the audience that helps promote the account and gain trust. Of course, there are many ways forward. However, even if you directly buy real instagram followersyou need to communicate with these people.

3. Knowledge base of your support team

If you have a help desk or customer service department, there are probably hundreds of typical questions and answers. Why not repackage FAQs into useful recommendations?

4. Knowledge base of your marketing or analytics department

Marketers and analysts often get curious numbers and statistics in their work. Interesting facts can become topics for posts and videos. It is worth looking both globally and talking about trends, and locally, showing small but interesting facts and observations.

5. Corporate Events

Moving, presentations, new investors, new products, buying a coffee maker for the office, quarterly or annual results. This often boring news can be presented beautifully through the stories and emotions of employees or customers.

6. Errors and Incidents

If innocent but funny incidents happen to you, your customers, media reporters, you can let the channel’s readers and viewers laugh with you.

7. Examples of use of your product in accordance with its intended purpose

In the case of the media, this includes, for example, the use of city facilities. If you are a food manufacturer, you can of course give recipes. If clothes, then interesting ways to wear it and combine it with other wardrobe items.

8. Unusual ways to use your products

Just remember the Coca-Cola public relations campaigns: it enters an amazing chemical reaction with mentos, it can clean the toilet bowl, whiten teeth, etc. Think about unusual things you can do with your products. Don’t be afraid to be funny. If the idea turns out to be too crazy and may seem strange on the official channel, it can be presented through collaborations with bloggers.

9. Results of using products or services

The most obvious: before and after. It depends on your imagination how you can beat these results. You can host a multi-episode reality show, you can involve viewers in making usage videos, creating your own challenge.

10. Travel to the future or the past

Show how a product, city, country or someone’s life has changed from past to present. Choose the most characteristic change and describe it. Imagine how the object or event might develop in the future. Show it.

11. Chronicle

Share the timeline of an important event in the life of the company. Social media can show the timeline of a news story. One option might be a linear chronicle: showing frames of an event that happened across a wide geographic area. The media often use this technique when showing the aftermath of devastation after natural disasters.

12. Jurisdiction

Show human talents. The company can show the unusual talents and skills of the employees. You can issue challenges.

13. Reaction to celebrity actions and statements

For example, if one of the famous people has been vocal about it, react to it. Comment, accept, refute or criticize. This person must have a blog. Save the reaction in the same service where this blog is located, then distribute it to your other sites.

14. Advice on related matters

For brands that are narrowly focused on building audiences, the advice format on a similar but broader topic works. For example, a beauty salon might talk about personal care, nutrition, and health. The insurance company can also give advice on health, as well as safety rules when working in the kitchen.


Despite the fact that many topics are already discussed in social networks from different angles, you still have the opportunity to create something unique. We hope you can interest the audience with your ideas!

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