Church Website Content Ideas – Does Your Site Have Great Ideas?

You’ve worked hard to develop online church website content ideas, but now you need to consider content marketing. OK, content marketing might be a new term for you. Here is a definition from Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and, ultimately, drive profitable customer action.”

Church Website Content Ideas

Let me make two observations about the relationship between the church and content marketing.

1. The church was the first major content marketing institution.

How can I know? As I pointed out in my book, Rewiredthe early church used the papyrus for publishing, the Roman roads for travel, and the Greek language (almost universally used for written communication) to spread the good news of Jesus to the ends of the earth.

Then the church used the printing press to distribute Bibles. The Bible was the first printed book on one, and is the most widely published book in history for a reason.

2. We’ve fallen behind.

Where once the church was innovating by finding new ways to spread the gospel, now we are skeptical of technology, afraid to engage with the world around us, and our view of culture.” secular” is wrong. Instead of create culture, we hide it.

So I believe we need to go back to our roots and become leaders in the field of content marketing, not to fight anything secular, but rather to influence the secular with sacred truth.

Two Big Truths About Church Content Website Ideas

Let’s recognize two more big truths about content marketing and the church.

1. We MUST have the best content in the world.

We have received the very revelation of the mind and heart of God in the form of the Bible, the written Word. It is printed and leather-bound, sold in dozens of translations and study editions, and available in digital formats. has done something amazing, Kingdom-minded, with the development of YourVersion, which puts the Bible in dozens of languages, socializes it and spreads it around the world. They don’t have the only Bible app (which is another plus), but they’ve probably done the most aggressive job in terms of marketing.

We can do even better to make the Word known. and a handful of online Bible publishers can’t do it alone. We have to say Everybody on the availability of eternal truth.

But it’s not just the Bible. We’ve preached hundreds of thousands of great sermons, produced incredibly creative videos, written dozens of thousands of precious booksand wrote too many devotional works to count.

We have the content with which to fill the world with uplifting and saving truth.

2. Our message is the penalty marketing.

Want to argue about whether the church should be in the business of “marketing” or not? You will have to argue with someone else, because I don’t have time f’dat!

Every church leader I know is a trader. And those who oppose “the use of marketing in the church” are usually among the best at marketing their anti-marketing message.

Maybe we just need better lingo. Know what marketing it’s true?

Marketing is spread the word.

That’s it. It’s getting the message across. And I’m pretty sure we’ve been tasked with spreading the word (marketing) about the truth and saving grace of Jesus (message).

So how can you come up with better content ideas for the church website? Here are a dozen original ideas:

  • Use social media in a supernaturally natural way (point people to Jesus in a natural and relational way).
  • Remove the imaginary barrier between the sacred and the profane.
  • Don’t be awkwardly religious all the time.
  • Be personal. Share your life in pictures, videos and status updates. Not everything, but a few highlights.
  • Build friendships and relationships.
  • Sprinkle with divine truth.
  • Be funny appropriately. The humor is relatable and Jesus-like.
  • Break your sermons into easily shareable parts – blog posts, tweets, images with quotes, etc.
  • Go back to old things sometimes – old hymns, creeds and quotes from leaders already in heaven.
  • Demonstrate the relevance of Scripture to everyday questions and issues.
  • Be artistic. Use your creative gifts to adorn God’s truth in beautiful ways.
  • Tell life-changing stories.

Our message never changes. Already. But our church website content ideas will change with each generation. And this generation needs Jesus, so let’s do it!

This article on church website content ideas originally appeared hereand is used with permission.

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