Blog vs social networks: what to choose in 2022?

For online marketing, blogs and social media play an important role. The question here is to discuss which platform to use in 2022 to get the best results. To be honest, it’s an endless debate with no definitive answer. This article will walk you through the stats, pros, and cons of both mediums, so it’s up to you to decide which one to choose and craft a content strategy accordingly. Also, if you want to get some knowledge on how to get more followers on Twitch or other SM platforms, this article contains some statistics that will give you a clear direction.

Blogging Facts

– There are 600 million blogs on the internet

– There are nearly 90,000 Google searches per second related to blogs

– About 70 million messages are written per month

– The average length of a blog is around 2000 words

Social Media Facts

– There are over 3 billion active social media users worldwide

– On average, 2.5 hours are spent each day by an individual browsing social networks

– About half of customers are influenced by social media recommendations

– There are 500 million active stories on social media every day.

Benefits of Blogging

– Blog content is always green and there’s no way it’s going away anytime soon. People search for your content and discuss it to stay relevant.

– Usually, when a blog is published, it helps those who read it, because it answers the most common questions that people are looking for answers.

– There is no need to select a particular time to post a blog, it can be posted at any time, which means the schedule is more flexible compared to social media.

– If your blog is featured, you own the rights and get all monetary benefits. There are many other ways to monetize your blog to earn money.

Benefits of Social Media

– The investment is low and there is no need to spend millions to get started on the platform. This means that social media is profitable

– You can build your brand and grow subscribers over time, which means the effort is much less than blogging

– There is a chance that your posts will go viral. This means that there is a chance that you will get a huge number of fans with minimal effort, unlike blogging, where constant effort is required.

– You get real-time feedback as all kinds of people use social media. This will make you analyze your content and publish in a relevant way.


Whether you should go for blogging or social media in 2022 is a question that solely depends on what you want. There is no answer, because some people love blogging and some people love posting on social media. Our mindset doesn’t have to match the readers either, so it’s your free choice and both platforms have their pros and cons. Make every article and blog post count and work to solidify your online presence, no matter what medium you choose.

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