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If you look around, thousands of blogs are out there accepting well-written, useful, and informative guest posts. No matter your niche, there are plenty of forums talking about the same thing as you. We observe that 67% of people find blogs with several authors more credible, because several minds are attached to them.

This is just the beginning of discovering the power of guest posting! That looks interesting?

Let’s explore more.

Guest posting is not only relevant for writing articles; it’s for everyone
there who wants higher website authority, qualified traffic, relevant
backlinks, targeted leads and sales.

A quality guest post published on a high authority website can do so much more for you.


In simpler terms, guest bloggers have 2 main purposes.

1. Guest blog for the individual which has no website but
wishes to contribute valuable content to the websites of others. He/she writes content for someone else and gets paid for it.

2. Guest blogging for a business who wants to gain more customers, get more website traffic, and generate more leads. They write
quality guest posts and have them posted on websites with higher DAs (domain authority) than their own site.

This content can be related to the business sector of the company or
be more generic.

From a business perspective, if you’re in a fast-paced industry, you need to keep moving with the trends. To get powerful backlinks, filtered traffic, and quality leads, guest posting must be in your

Guest blogging is for businesses of all sizes.

If you are new to the market, industry leaders are not your competitors. But that doesn’t mean you can’t guest post. Every businessperson, entrepreneur, or startup owner should invest in guest blogging, not to increase online appearance, but to create brand awareness. When you’re new, you need more and more people to get to know you, and that’s where guest posting gives you the most benefit.

Every successful marketing team thinks guest blogging is great for establishing a solid online presence for a business at all times.

Plus, it’s considered one of the easiest ways to be a credible source of information for your customers and Google. So, just take the first step and contact the websites/platforms that accept guest posts and get started. But remember, read their blog first; if you think it’s quality, trustworthy, informative and creates a loyal readership, contact it.

This is because there are also hundreds of illegitimate websites, which accept guest posts, but they are created for the sole purpose of building backlinks. These sources should be avoided at all costs.

How can guest posting really help your business?

Here are some of the most important benefits.

Generates more traffic

The first thing you need to grow your business is to get a wider audience. When you post your content on someone else’s website, readers will notice you. Which takes them to your business profile from the link you mentioned in the guest post. But note that if the content you provide is useful to them, only then will they convert to your brand.

With consistency and continuity, the number of visitors will increase, which means great traffic without much effort.

Develop credibility in a niche

The internet is full of content and every other platform has a specific set of subscribers. When you continue to post on guest websites, people will start to recognize you. Say, for example, if you run an e-commerce website for cosmetics. Writing a guest post in the same niche will eventually build an audience for your blog post. People who read your content and find it useful will read your next post again and share it as well.

This is how the cycle continues.

You post -> people read it -> become continuous readers -> your business builds credibility -> audiences share it with like-minded people -> you get customers.

So guest blogging is slowly but surely paying off.


Relevance brings quality leads

All your efforts in the marketing campaign lead to business growth, and this is only possible when you get customers. They can be regular customers or new customers.

This means that you either go for guest blogging or aim to get new leads. So, let’s talk about how guest posting can do that for you.

Writing about the most relevant topic and posting it on a website with the same intent can attract the right audience. Here’s a tip. Don’t post about fashion on some e-money websites. Why? Because the public is tech-savvy and you won’t get any results from it.

** Please don’t just post on a blog that says yes to your

Talk about some problems and challenges and present a solution with your product/service. It’s like posting about summer makeup products is all too mainstream. Revise your content on how to keep makeup flawless at summer parties. People would like to know.

To wrap up

Never be afraid to start something new. If you haven’t entered the world of guest posting, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities. It’s a clever tactic to get in the minds of your potential customers. If done correctly, it can bring great results in the form of brand awareness, customer trust, and eventually sales. Good luck!

Profile picture of Muhammad Waleed Siddiqui HackerNoon
by Muhammad Walid Siddiqui @mwalids.An enthusiastic professional likes to serve the community with amazing writings.

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