9 Indian travel bloggers you need to follow on social media

Women have finally broken all chains and are exploring all areas of work that appeal to them. One of these areas is the travel blog. Going to different places and recording your experiences in words so others can access what it is like to be there is the passion of these free and independent women. They go out, break stereotypes and explore their wanderlust to the fullest.

Indian travel bloggers have made it big in marketing with their getaways and interesting stories. Their travels become a source of knowledge for others. Here is a tribute to India’s top nine inspirational travel bloggers.

Top 9 Indian Travel Bloggers

Jyotsana Ramani

Running her blogs Wander With Jo, Jyotsna is a cheerful and enthusiastic traveler and an avid writer. Her love for writing and traveling motivated her to join a travel agency and eventually start her own blogs to balance her love. She has traveled to various places including Germany, Panama, Israel, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh.

archana singh

Archana is an award-winning Indian travel blogger who is admired by many people. Her Travel See Write blog is her collection of trips to places like Indonesia, France, and China. Kochi and many other national and international locations in 60 countries. Archana is also a brand consultant and avid photographer.

Friend Bhat

Known as a restless ball of energy, you can always find her on a new adventure and her blog Thrilling Travels is full of it. She is an author, traveler, blogger, wife and mother and enjoys photography and sports like badminton. Her travel blogs have appeared in publications such as HuffingtonPost India, BBC Travel and Deccan Herald.

Divya Prasad

Over her nine years of traveling solo and exploring various places, Divya has accumulated many stories to tell, all of which she notes on her Obsessive Compulsive Traveler blogs. She once gave up her full-time writing job to pursue her passion for travel and has never looked back since.

Radhika Sharma

Radhika Sharma is one of two Indian travelers who jointly operate the Nomllers blog. Radhika explored many countries like France, Egypt and Indian cities like Pondicherry. A Delhi-based MBA graduate, she quit her corporate job to focus entirely on travel and writing and is now one of the famous travel bloggers.

Gite Veidehi

Krazy Butterfly is the name of Veidehi’s blog under which she writes her crazy experiences from all over the world. She started blogging in 2016 after traveling in Scandinavia and collected her travel experiences from 20 countries to launch it. She has featured in publications like DNA, Mid Day, Times Of India and Edex.

Renuka Walter

This award-winning digital designer is a solitary traveler who follows her heart and goes wherever it takes her. Her Voyager For Life blog consists of stories from many of her escapades, including Japan, the Himalayas, Nagpur and South Goa. His book on building a successful blogging career titled How to build your brand as a blogger released in 2021.

Arti Shah

Arti Shah writes his travel chronicles in his My Yatra Diary blogs. His travel destinations and motives are largely related to spirituality and religion. She explored religious sites in Gujarat, Tiruvannamalai, Mumbai, Rajasthan and others. His blogs are full of enchanting writings and valuable lessons.


Anukrati, writer of Bulbul On The Wing, loves traveling for food, beaches and lakes, and getting in touch with nature. Wandering around many national and international places, Anukrati has gained enough experience and now she tells travel suggestions, tips, ideas, personal experiences and suggestions in her blogs.

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