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A website is often a potential client’s first solid impression of any business, including law firms. Therefore, it is important that the website design is visually appealing and conveys the competence of the business. Here are some design trends to consider for your law firm’s website to help communicate your firm’s culture and experience.

Bright colors

Most law firms are aesthetically conservative. However, using bright colors on your website can be a great way to show off your company’s personality. This can differentiate your business from competitors, especially if you choose a non-traditional color.

Bright colors can draw attention to the content you want your customers and prospects to focus on, while helping users know how to navigate your site. It can even evoke an emotion. Bright colors are often the easiest way to make a statement.

Micro animations on websites

A trend that is gaining popularity is the use of micro-animations. They are small, simple animations that add visual interest to a website and guide the user through a page. They can be used to indicate where a user should click next, what piece of content a user should focus on, or to show the progress of a process (like making loading graphs more interesting). Micro-animations can simplify complicated information, can produce an emotional response, and, if done right, can be fun.

Minimal or flat website design

The flat design has been popular for a few years now, and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. This style uses simple shapes, fonts, and colors to create a minimalist look. This can be a great choice for law firms, as it helps draw attention to website content. Bold colors and fewer design elements are the hallmark of minimalist design, with accent colors and austere iconography or photos often playing a larger role in the design.

Text-Only Website Hero Images

The main image of your website is one of the most important elements of the page. Often when we think of a hero image, we envision any image with a superimposed type. But one trend we’re seeing is the use of bold fonts and text-only hero images. The hero image is often the first thing your prospect or customer will see, so it should be eye-catching and convey the intent of your website. This can help grab attention quickly and get your point across clearly. Bright colors, interesting font selections, and a strong message are often all that’s needed to create your website’s opening statement.

Intelligent and intentional video

Video is a powerful marketing tool and it’s important to use it on your website. Video is a great way to engage potential customers and share information about your business. Additionally, video can help improve your website’s user experience. However, it is important to use video wisely. You don’t want to add video just for the sake of having it on your website. Instead, focus on creating smart, intentional videos that align with your website’s goals and the content it supports. On lawyer biography pages, the video must be related to that lawyer and his practice. On the practice pages, the video should showcase the company’s thought leadership and experience in that particular area. Make sure your videos are well thought out, well produced, and in line with the company’s message and branding.

Law firm websites are an opportunity to showcase your firm’s culture, as well as your experience. By implementing some of these web design principles, you can more clearly and effectively promote your message to your prospects and customers, making it easier for them to navigate your website, consume more of your content and ultimately establish your company as a leader in your practices. .

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