17 ideas for your content strategy with Instagram Stories

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More than 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day, one of the content formats with the highest growth projection on this social network and which offers more spontaneity and proximity to users.

Stories offer different possibilities to strengthen the relationship with followers

To get the most out of Stories and have more impact, it is necessary to follow a proper content strategy. In this article, I will offer you some ideas to improve the reach of this content and get more interaction with viewers. We have already offered basic tips to create better stories, but surely with these new tips you can

-AMA: Offer the audience the opportunity to get to know the content creator better through an AMA (Ask Me Anything), a popular questionnaire format in which subscribers ask different questions about their life, hobbies, habits…

– Support a cause of social interest: There is always a cause in which you can help with good will while involving your followers.

-Create an expectation: The celebration of an upcoming event will have a wider reception if enough expectation is generated beforehand by announcing it with, for example, a countdown sticker.

-Share exclusive content with close friends: With this section allowing you to have a small circle of subscribers, you can foster the feeling of exclusivity when accessing restricted content. Learn here how to create best friends group on Instagram.

-Share the publications where you have been tagged: It allows publications in which a tag or mention has been received to be distributed among subscribers. Through screenshots and stickers, this content can be redistributed, expanding its reach.

-In the wings: It’s time to show viewers what it’s like behind the scenes of content creation.

-Survey: A simple form can let you know audience preferences for future posts.

– Guest of the day: Letting the protagonist of the published content be a special guest for a day can enrich the content of the profile and help expand the audience.

-Memes: They are the great resource, it can always be a good time to save some of the most popular memes and give them a personal touch by adding text or stickers.

-Display a preview of a publication: For those with a blog or website, the sticky link that allows calls to action like “Click here to learn more” or “Read the full article here” will be very useful.

-Ask for suggestions: Nothing tells audiences likes and dislikes better than asking them directly. Analyzing the responses can improve the communication strategy.

-Promote own products/services: For Instagrammers who offer their own products or services, the sticker store is a great opportunity to have a showcase to sell them.

-Recommend other accounts: Sharing recommendations on the accounts of other users always helps to enrich the content that subscribers have access to and at the same time strengthens the bonds between the community of users.

-Republish previous Reels: It is a way of highlighting the most successful or relevant content that should, over time, be broadcast again and made known to new subscribers.

-Reply with an emoji: It’s about challenging subscribers to reply to messages using only DM-sent emojis to find out what type of content they prefer.

-A day in the life: Something as simple as informally sharing everyday moments.

-Video tutorials: If you have the ability to show others the best way to do something, video tutorials are highly viralizable and rewarding content because of the usefulness they provide.


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